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Increasingly organizations are realizing that in order to grow and prosper, they need to differentiate themselves through Customer Experience. Despite years of cost cutting, the ability for an organization to establish significant market share and gain advantages by differentiation is easier to achieve than most would expect. In fact, in a recent five-year period during which the S&P 500 was flat, customer experience leaders grew by over twenty percent.

why a focus on customer effort?

In 2008, the Corporate Executive Board (CEB) released one of the most comprehensive studies of customer behaviors across a broad range of sectors and geographies. The studies concluded that reducing Customer Effort is the most critical predictor of Customer Loyalty and “Wallet Share” . In other words, customers are more likely to spend more with a company, stay with a company or recommend a company if they experienced a low effort Customer journey. As part of this study, the traditional paradigm of investing in “Exceeding Customer Expectations” or investing in soft skills to drive loyalty was shifted toward giving the customer an ease of use.done

the sentis value for your organization

1. An exceptional depth of understanding of Customer Effort both from a research and an application perspective, and how it drives loyalty and differentiation.
2. Our proven applied knowledge in Human Performance, and its effects in driving higher levels of Discretionary Effort, alignment to Desired Customer Outcomes and a Culture of Customers’ First.
3. Expertise in understanding of Brain Science and Psychology, which brings unique depth and breadth in applied Culture Change to deliver sustainable business outcomes.

Organizational Capabilities to:
see opportunities
solve them
share & embed learnings

This helps “future-proof” processes, allowing them improve on a more rapid basis, adapting to higher levels of complexity.

how can sentis help?

We deeply understand the value of great customer experiences that drive competitive advantages in the marketplace. These customer experiences lead organizations to faster organic growth with lower costs and capital investments.

By tapping into the latest evidence-based research, we help organizations:

  • Differentiate the service experience for High Value Customers to expand and keep the most loyal base and drive up revenues and profits

  • Design differentiated service experiences and re-engineer key client journeys to optimize customer interactions and reduce Customer Effort

  • Drive a common understanding of Customer Journeys to help prioritize improvement opportunities across online and digital journeys

  • Embed and sustain a Culture of Customers’ First through a focus on team members’ attitudes and beliefs, their job and work design, and the role of leaders

  • Embed and sustain a Culture of Customers’ First through a focus on team members’ attitudes and beliefs, their job and work design, and the role of leaders

  • Maximize the loyalty and relationship benefit of each customer interaction while minimizing the Customer Effort

  • Deliver Customer Experience training programs for both leaders and front-line team members focused on delivering effortless Customer Experiences and creating alignment with Desired Customer Outcomes

  • Develop internal capabilities to design ‘outside-in’, ‘effortless experiences’ that are focused on ‘Desired Customer Outcomes’ and to drive Customer-focused Continuous Improvement capabilities

Our philosophy and research on Customer Experience is anchored in the latest evidence-based research on Customer Effort. Our Sentis practice leaders have been at the forefront of applying this research to drive improvements inside organizations and furthering the research around both methods to drive improvements and novel approaches. This drives the higher levels of Human Performance and Discretionary Effort that are needed to achieve the most advantageous levels of Customer Effort.

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examples of our work

Customer Experience Transformation

A large service organization seeking to drive a significant shift in Customer Experience worked toward implementing a holistic “Next Generation” operating model, focused on reducing customer effort. We helped them rethink the overall Customer Journey as well as the role of their Contact Center agents. The result had a profound impact on their overall service experience:

  • Customer Effort significantly reduced across key End-to-End journeys – surveys showed a 34-point improvement where experiences were deemed easier than expected;

  • Top 2-box “Likelihood to Recommend” (Promoters) Customer scores increased by up to 30pts against key journeys while Bottom 2-box scores were nearly eliminated (Detractors);

  • Operating costs reduced by 20-25%;

  • Changing the leadership, work design and rewards & recognition paradigms to tap into significantly higher levels of team member Discretionary Effort. With employee engagement reaching levels as high as 98% and questions related to “At work my opinion counts” reaching levels as high as 90%;

  • Building in “self-healing” capabilities within the process to allow team members greater ownership to drive daily improvements to overall performance.

Differentiating the Experience for High Value Customers

A top Travel & Hospitality firm was seeking to create a differentiated service experience for their Premium Guests, and looked to Sentis to design the the team member experience and overall service experience to shift the service model from simply transactional to an end-outcome and client relationship orientation to increase the loyalty of this top Customer segment while increasing overall profitability.

Training to deliver low effort customer journeys

When a global airline was seeking to drive new levels of Customer Experience for their Guests as part of the Airport experience, they came to Sentis to design Guest Experience training programs and to teach their agents new skills to deliver easier customer journeys and influence successful Customer outcomes. We also delivered leadership workshops to help shift the Guests First Culture.

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