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a propulo group company

Imagine having an organization

where doing what is right for the company is self-generated by front-line employees

and individual incentives are aligned with the corporation

Imagine your organization

as a market leader in safety, transforming from a rules-based system

into a strong culture of safety as a competitive advantage

improving the world of work

As we move into a more connected and information-based economy, organizations are becoming more complex in their mission to satisfy customers. As organizations grow, processes become more elaborate and the focus on the customer and the work environment can take a back seat to fixing problems “in the now.”

However, this does not have to be the final fate of an organization. As a trusted partner, we work with organizations to develop operational practices and strategically aligned cultures that can reignite the passion of employees in doing what is best for the organization in a strategic, forward-thinking manner.

sentis solves tough business problems

we merge science with business

Often solutions are based on “what has been done in the past”, rather than on empirical evidence and scientific analysis. Our team consists of both operational excellence practitioners and behavioral scientists who use their combined expertise to approach seemingly common problems with new approaches and insights gained from quantitative studies and methodologies.

we help keep your employees safe

Our Safety and Training expertise comprehensively focuses on both the team at the individual level and at the level of collective culture. We develop programs designed to empower the employee to “think like an owner” and give them decision-making skills over good working conditions. This increases employee morale and ultimately leads to fewer accidents and lost days of work.

we focus on the customer

The customer should be the primary driver behind all business activities and we help those front-facing employees to solve customer problems with the least amount of customer effort. We employee root-cause analysis to understand the drivers behind the issues and facilitate the creation of frameworks that customer service can apply to decision-making quickly and effectively. Thus, the organization can now leverage the synergies from group expertise as a whole, and can quickly deploy the right solution for the customer. The result is a customer service team that is boosted by successes rather than demoralized by poor interactions, and a customer base that is not only loyal but additionally becomes the company’s best team of ambassadors.

we are on the journey with you

Ours is a marathon approach, not a sprint. We take the time to understand the client’s vision and business environment to provide the right solution at the right time. We work with teams to develop sustainable practices that begin with our arrival and maintain long after we have departed. Our solutions are not quick-fixes. They are shifts within the organization toward a new way of doing business. We help you drive improved discretionary effort across your teams.

Now is the time to reinvent your organization

and distribute decision-making to those that have first contact

with both your customers & development of your products.

Our approach brings together the insights of science and management

to create a new focus that will lead to greater satisfaction

with both customers and employees.

This drives shareholder value.

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